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As a general agent, Texas Flood Insurance provides several coverage options when it comes to protecting your home and assets. Whether you are in a low-risk zone and want added protection, are in a high-risk zone and flood insurance is required, or have a high-value home and need additional, higher-limit coverage – we offer multiple solutions for a flood insurance policy that will work for you.

Private Policies Through Private Carriers

(Available For All Zones)

Enhanced flood insurance options for additional coverage

Conditions that cause flooding in Texas – such as heavy rain, rising rivers, and severe coastal weather – can happen anywhere throughout the state. This means in more expensive cities such as Austin where the average home value in 2016 is $303,000 – properties may not be fully covered.

As a leading general agent, Texas Flood Insurance provides enhanced coverage options. With access to our private carriers, we can offer the same basic policy as the NFIP, but with more coverage options and with better competitive yearly premiums. Why choose Texas Flood Insurance for your private/excess policy?


  • Higher limits with coverages up to $10MM
  • Cover damages not covered by homeowners policies including:
    • Replacement cost (cost to repair or replace damaged possessions at today’s prices)
    • Loss of use (not able to stay in your home after a flood)
  • Direct access to experienced agents to answer your questions
  • Premiums tailored to your exact area
  • Faster, more efficient claim response

NFIP Flood Policy

(Available For All Zones)

One rate, no matter where you go

With one in five flood insurance claims coming from a moderate- to low-risk area, we believe everyone should be able to get flood insurance that is reliable, affordable and accessible. Texas Flood Insurance can help you obtain your policy through the government backed National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Unlike other insurance policies you might have, flood insurance offered through the NFIP will cost the same no matter where you get it. This means that even though the government determines your coverage and premium, we can still write your policy for you. Why choose Texas Flood Insurance for your NFIP policy?

  • Coverages up to $250K
  • Excess coverage options available
  • Write your own policy with an experienced agent
  • State-wide claim support with fast turn-around
  • Backed by the Federal Government
  • Quick and easy online quoting process

Excess Flood Insurance

When your flood policy isn’t enough

Excess flood insurance provides insurance limits above and beyond a primary policy – whether written through the NFIP or a private carrier. Most homeowners that need flood insurance write it through the government backed NFIP. However, NFIP policies only offer a maximum coverage of $250,000.
Therefore, if it costs more than $250,000 to replace or repair your home, a standard NFIP flood policy won’t be enough. Having excess flood insurance would increase your standard coverage up to an additional $10MM.

That means buying:

  • A federal or private policy worth $250,000 and
  • An excess flood insurance policy for the additional coverage needed

Excess Flood limits vary based on the state you’re in, so ask your Texas Flood Insurance agent for more details.

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